Chromotherapy Shower

The Chromotherapy Shower of Brunelleschi Luxury Holidays transforms the shower moment into a sensational, multi-sensory experience of Relax and Wellness. Water whose positive energy is sublimated by the presence of other phenomena such as Aromas and Colors makes the shower moment a regenerating practice against the stress accumulated during the day. Combining the emotional shower with the benefits of Bath Turkish you get a regenerating practice capable of offering intense moments of physical well-being by eliminating anxiety and stress.

How Chromotherapy Works

The principle of the Chromotherapy Shower is that of the water jet alternative that differs in the temperature, hot and cold, but also in the outlet pressure from the dispenser.
A unique experience that comes to simulate the fall of rain, as well as that of the waterfall due to the changing of colors and scents to create atmospheres and feelings in harmony with the spillage of water.

Chromotherapy and Aromatherapy

The alternation of colors and aromas associated with water jet helps wash away anxiety and stress, purifying body and mind. Chromotherapy Shower therefore gives you intense moments of physical well-being and mental well-being associated with the skin, which, thanks to the differentiated jets of water, will be softer and more elastic.